I like the sound of your services, but I don't live on a boat.   Can I still use BoatPost?

Of course!  We also cater for caravaners, students, and people who simply find it hard to have a permanent mailing address.  Simply fill in the application form, letting us know your situation in the "Additional Information" box, and we'll do our best to help.

Why do you need my boat name on the application form?

It is easiest for us to file mail by boat name rather than the names of individuals, since people on the same boat may have different surnames.  That is why we suggest that you use the boat name as part of your address.

How much mail can I receive?

Your monthly/annual payment includes 10 pieces of mail per month.  After this we charge £2.50 for each extra piece of mail if emailed, £1.25 if posted. (We actually calculate this quarterly, so 30 pieces of mail per quarter)

I get rather a lot of post.  Is this a problem?

No - but we do need to charge extra as this involves us in extra time and costs (eg postage) in dealing with your mail.

What about junk mail?

We suggest you use the Mail Preference Service to minimise this.

What about parcels?

We cannot deal with parcels in general.  Please contact us for one off arrangements In addition, we cannot forward mail by post to a non-UK address. 

How often do you forward mail?

Usually at least once a week.  However, as there are only the two of us there may be occasions (eg holidays) when we will not be able to deal with mail for a fortnight.  If this happens we will give you warning in advance.

I sometimes need my mail urgently, eg for doctor's appointments.

If this is the case, let us know and we will pass on mail more frequently.

How long do you keep mail?

Mail which has been scanned and emailed or phoned to you will be kept for a month.  Mail which is being saved for future forwarding can be kept for up to a year.  However, if you don't keep up your payments to us we will dispose of your mail!

I cruise in the summer and live on a marina all winter.  Can you keep my mail for several months and then forward it?

Yes - see previous question and answer.

I rarely get any mail, but I do need a street address.  Can I still use BoatPost?


I don't have email or internet access.  How do I contact you or get my mail?

We can phone you and read out your mail contacts, or you can give us an address to forward it to if you prefer. 

I have another question

Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer it.