We are David and Helen, and BoatPost is our venture, dreamed up on a long car journey in 2011. 

David spent five years living on a narrowboat, continuously cruising the canals and rivers of Britain.  He found that

one of the biggest problems in the life of a continously cruising boater was that of receiving post.  It could also be difficult not having a street address.  What he needed wasn't so much a mail forwarding system, but someone to scan and email papers and documents to him - or simply to read them out over the phone.  He knew this was a service someone should be offering.

After meeting Helen, David gave up his life afloat, swapping it for a house in the Derbyshire Peak District.  But he didn't forget his idea of a mail and address service for boaters.  One day he discussed it with Helen, who thought it would work.   So an idea was born...BoatPost!  Helen was a freelance writer, who had also worked in a number of secretarial and managerial roles over the years.  Her excellent organisational skills combined well with David's knowledge of the residential boater's needs.  They knew they could make a difference.  And so BoatPost became a reality....